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Age-N-Time, Inc.

Modular Steel – Barrel Ricks

About Us

At Age-N-Time, Inc we have created a unique and innovative storage Rick System that will revolutionize and change the distilling business. Age-N-Time, Inc has created a patent pending steel Barrel Rick that is made to last!


Steel Construction with wood rails, the barrels rest on wood. No steel to barrel contact.

Easily adaptable to existing rick houses.

Proprietary Carbozinc coating that provides a long lasting, durable finish.

Interlocking, stackable design makes them versatile to meet any space/building requirements


Strength and durability of steel

Expansion capabilities

Fireproof and rust proof

Drastically reduced insurance premiums

Significantly less maintenance for the life of the Rick House

Shipping And Installation

Two kinds of shipping methods available

– Pre-assembled Modules
– Unassembled – Erector Set

Easy installation and assembly

Effortless on-site construction

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